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The Patriot Youth Lacrosse League has enjoyed almost a decade of success, common goals and cooperation.  Our league is focused on voice and involvement.   This simply means each town’s input towards rules, scheduling and so many other topics is not only welcome, but encouraged.  Every year we review rules and what, if any, changes need to be made.  We welcome and support US Lacrosse and respect their efforts of improve the playing experience and organization for all. 


What we do as a league!


Keep scores and standings:  This encourages fair and equal play.  It also provides structure to the league.  Our online score reporting also manages penalties and other infractions, facilitating the dialogue between the league and towns if corrective measures need to be discussed.


Full support for US Lacrosse:  PYLL supports US Lacrosse in full.  We require all our players and head coaches to be members of this positive thinking governing body.  This allows us to have access to training for players, coaches and officials, as well insurance coverage.  In fact, club teams, tournaments, clinics, camps and most “off” season activities often require a youth players US Lacrosse membership.  


Have playoffs and champions:  We use the season records, goals for/against and other criteria to create a 3-game playoff system.  Over the years, an average of 70% Patriot Cup playoff games have had a 4 goal or less goal differential.  This means your players are playing competitive games against similarly matched teams during the playoffs, resulting in champions within each bracket, and further ensuring parity and fair competition.


Have coaching education: The PYLL board voted to make sure every head coach was US Lacrosse Level 1 certified (Lifetime certification). We have hosted an exceedingly successful Level 1clinic, with almost 100% participation from every PYLL coach.   We also work with other lacrosse groups to encourage positive experiences for our coaches.


Train AO’s and Critique Officials: The PYLL understands the need for our members towns to have well trained AO’s (associate officials-High School age), not only for budgetary reasons, but good game management.  We also manage and critique our EMLOA officials and make sure they have an understanding of our mission and league rules.


Change and adapt rules as needed: The PYLL board, consisting of all of our member towns, has been able to adapt the US Youth council/NFHS rules to fit the goals of our program.  The format of the league board readily allows for the discussion of rule changes and their potential modification.  Playing small ball, using long poles, having A or B teams at the upper age groups, ensuring parity in the younger age groups, and promoting good team play at U9/11 (ball through X, pass count rules, etc.) are just some examples of the rules we have addressed and encouraged input in the past.  We will continue this important process in the future.  This is our member town’s league.


Have integrated websites:  This makes scheduling, communication, Ref assignments, updates and news, etc. functional and easy.  







by posted 10/04/2017