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PYLL uses the US Lacrosse Youth council rules, which are part of the NFHS (National Federation of High School sports) lacrosse rule book. 

(We do have a few exceptions, which are listed below.)


-NO 4 goal differential  face off rule.   There will ALWAYS be a faceoff, regardless of the score.  ( Normal NFHS faceoff rules apply at all times) 

- Stick Checks:  ALL levels must comply with NFHS rules.  NO U's/V's.  Illegal stick is removed from game, but NO penalty is served.  (Deep pockets may return, please refer to rule book for what an illegal stick is. ) 

 Stick checks are allowed, but only upon Head coaches request.  However, if the stick is found to be illegal, the stick only LEAVES the game, no penalty time served. All other rules apply to a stick found to be illegal ( IE: no goal if found illegal, etc. )

-Mouthpiece violation is a techinical penalty.  Further infractions will be considered UNSPORTSMANLIKE.


These are some most common differences of the YOUTH league lacrosse rules:

3 Yards instead of 5 yard rule for contact from the ball.

ALL levels MUST play Over Time:  PYLL does NOT have ties.  ( See NFHS rule book for OT procedure ) 

ALL levels switch goals at each quarter, NOT half. 

GAME Time:

U9-U11 (small field)   12 minute running quarters  (5 min. halftime)

U13-U15 (big field ) 10 minute "stop time" quarters  (clock stops every time Ref blows whistle )


U9-U11   NO body checking of ANY kind allowed.

U13-U15   Body checking allowed.  (both hands on stick, below the shoulders/above the waist-from the FRONT only )
                   (NO TAKE OUT CHECKS-players MUST be playing the ball first, not the man.  The intent is to get the ball, not put the opponent on the ground)

Stick Checks/SLASHING:

All Levels-    NO one armed checks allowed.

U9-U11-   Contact with stick only.

Substitution Rules:  All levels may substitute after goals and penalties.

U9- Sideline and endline (when ball is off field)

U11- Sideline only

U13/U15- On the fly only.


U9- Penalized player MUST leave field, but substitute can take place (no EMO/man down )

U11, U13, U15:  MUST leave field and serve time in penalty box.  (U11 can only be 2-men down/ 4 vs 2 )

Advancing the BALL: 

U9-U11   NO counts are used.  Ball MUST travel thru X, whether passed or carried.  Attack and Defense must line up at GLE (goal line extended)  Single midfielder may line up on either wing.  ALL players are released on the  faceoff whistle.

U13-U15  20 second defensive clearing and 10 second offensive box, "get it in" rules APPLY.
               ( **2 minutes remaining in the game, team with the lead MUST keep the ball within the offensive box as well )

**There is NO LONGER a "keep it in rule" at the 2 minute mark, if a team is winning by 4 goals or more. 

Protective Cups are now REQUIRED for ALL players   ( Refs do NOT check, but coach should verbally ask players ) 

Goalies now MUST wear protective elbow pads.