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All Coaches and game officials MUST have a pre-game meeting.  At this meeting, it will discussed and clarified the following:

The PYLL uses US Lacrosse Youth council rules & NFHS rules, with a few exceptions.

NO mercy rule-Face offs will always occur, unless normal game procedure dictates otherwise. 

Mouth Piece Violation- no time serving penalty, just change of possession. 

Game time : (U9 & U11 running time. 12 minute quarters.   U13 & U15 10 minute STOP time)

Home team provides time keeper!

Substitutions:  Sideline only for U9 & U11, NFHS rules for U13 & U15  (sub on the fly )

Stick Checks:  ALL levels must comply with NFHS rules.  NO U's/V's.  Illegal stick is removed from game, but NO penalty is served.  (Deep pockets may return, please refer to rule book for what an illegal stick is. ) 

Penalties:  All levels except for U9 has time serving penalties.  The offending player for U9 must leave the field however.

X-Rule:  At the U9 & U11 level, on a change of possession, the ball MUST travel thru X before a shot can be taken.  (The official should  communicate that X has been established. )  Teams must NOT "stack" defenders at X.  Once X has been established, the ball MUST cross the midfield/centerline in order have to get the ball thru X, regardless of which team has possession of the ball. 

Referee keeps the official score.  Check at each quarter.  Please make sure the timekeeper has the PYLL scoresheet, which can be found on the DOCUMENTS tab on the left hand column.