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THE PYLL provides a  unique 3-game "parity" playoff season.   Each team will play 3 games

Locations are on the home page.  

CLICK HERE for Master Schedule  (All teams/brackets ) 


 NEW for 2017.  PAT CUP Playoffs will be ONE day tournaments.


  Seeding is only done to determine who plays at home on the first weekend.  Matchups/games afterwards are determined by other factors.  (Again, think parity )


Times for Championship day are approximate and games may start later than posted.


WEATHER!  As always, common sense must prevail and if the weather does not cooperate, game times may have to be changed.  Extreme heat and humidity must be observed.  Coaches and onsite managers should exercise best practices.



Each Division will have a championship game.  Criteria to determine the championship participants :

Patriot Cup rules:
1. 12 minute running quarters with no time outs or stoppages.   (10 min. for U9 )
2. Overtime: as many 4 minute sudden death periods as it takes.
3. No starting line up
4. There will be an emphasis on the 20 second restart to avoid stalling
5. If a player is ejected, he is gone for that game and only the following game.
6. 9:00am start for all ages
7. All other Patriot league rules will apply
8. Every team will play at least 3 games

These rules apply to all age groups.

Tie Breaker Scenario
1. Patriot Cup record
2. Head to Head patriot cup record
3. Head to head regular season record
4. Regular season record
5. If all else fails, there will be a play in game


  In the event of a tie, an 8 minute running game will provide a winner.  (could be more than one tie-breaker or "play in" game.)  In the event of a tie , normal sudden death OT occurs.